10 care tips to keep your flowers in a good condition

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

How to keep your flowers fresh?

1. Remove rope from bouquet

2. Take a clean vase with a suitable size, see photo, the dimensions of this vase are: H 29 cm, D 19 cm

3. Change the filtered water every 2 days

4. Cut the flowers diagonally with a secateurs or small kitchen knife

5. Remove broken or wilted flowers from the vase these can cause the living flowers to wild sooner

6. Fill a vase with filtered water for a third

7. Use lukewarm water, there is less oxygen in it so that bacteria can divide less quickly

8. Keep flowers out of the direct sunlight, leaves can burn and the water evaporates faster

9. Keep flowers out and sets them up a sheltered place. Prevent abrupt temperature differences

10. Remove excess leaves on the underside of the stems and change with water to trim the stems so that the flowers can drink better

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