All about allium

Gardeners and florists love alliums, as do bees and butterflies. The allium is popular for many reasons. Here's to find out more on this spectacular flower.

Iconic and impressive

The allium features a tall leafless stalk topped up with an impressive bulb of blooms. There are over 800 species known in the Alliaceae family. They bloom from the spring till the end of September, and it proudly fills the summer with beautiful purple, pink, red, green, white and even some shades of blue colors. Florist and gardeners are big fans of this iconic flower as the allium has long lasting blooms and it can add interesting structures and heights to the flowerbed or bouquet.

Five fun facts about this special flower:

  1. Alliums belong to the union (Alliaceae) family. However not all of the species are grown for eating – some are grown primarily for their beautiful heads of flowers.

  2. The flowers of an allium cluster together to form a pom-pom at the top of the leafless stem.

  3. The colour of allium flowers ranges from deep purple and blues, through to whites and greens.

  4. Alliums bloom between May and September. The long-lasting flowers making them an ideal addition to a bouquet. They can add height and colour to create an interesting arrangement.

  5. The allium flower symbolises unity, so it’s often given between married couples and long-time friends.

Allium addict?

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