All about peonies and how to keep them pretty

Updated: May 18

Whoop whoop it's finally peonies season again!

Peonies are back in stock, but the season is really short. They bloom from late spring through to early summer- from end of April until May/early June. Their vase life is also quite short, with 5 days as an average. But once they bloom they are really enchanting. It's not for nothing that they're the so called 'queens of all flowers'.

Big blooms from Holland

Peonies can come in many varieties and are one of a kind beauties with their voluminous, feathery petals and bright hues. They generally symbolise prosperity, good luck, love and honour. This makes peonies perfect for all kinds of occasions! Our peonies are freshly imported from Holland. Within 3 days from the grower delivered to your doorstep in Hong Kong. They arrive in bud form and they come with flower food, which means you get to enjoy them longer.

How to look after your peonies

Buy your peonies when they’re in tight bud, with a hint of colour showing – that way you’ll be able to enjoy them at home from bud to full bloom. Once you’ve got your peonies home you’ll need to follow some very simple steps for what florists call the conditioning of your flowers.

  1. Fill a clean vase with water

  2. Add flower food

  3. Re-cut your stems at an angle

  4. Place them in your vase

How to enjoy your peonies even longer?

Your peonies will open really quickly on a warm day. If you’d like to enjoy your peonies longer we advice you to storing a p