Big Bouquet Basics

The iconic style of our Sparkles size bouquet is best to describe as big, bold, and beautiful. We leave out unnecessary greenery to create an airy arrangement where flowers are able to bloom in their full glory. We try to stay close to how they appear in the wild. In nature flowers are at different levels, angles, and with different floral forms. Without symmetry, but with balance.

Learn 3 basics about arranging big bouquets in a vase at home.

1. A supporting vase

Use a vase with a wide neck that has half the height of the stems of your flowers (or cut off the stems to that point).

2. Built a solid frame work

Make a cross with the thickest stems, so the thinner or larger ones can lean on them.

3. Play with the design

Avoid symmetry, add airiness through differences in length, mix the pallet of colors and structures.

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