Dazzling Delphinium

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The star flower of this month is the Delphinium. Be dazzled by this amazing cone with up to 30 flowers per stem.

Delphiniums can come in various colours, but they are famous for their blue species. Indians were using the petals to make blue paint and the colonists used the flower to make ink. But the history of this flower goes back even longer. One of the eldest stories is about a drowning man who got saved by a dolphin. When the dolphin brought the man back to the people, the people tried to catch him. Neptune, the God of the sea, saved the dolphin and changed him into a Delphinium flower, a reference to the Greek word for dolphin.

The English name for the Delphinium flower is Larkspur and refers to the rearward-facing shape of each flower on the stem. The flower symbolizes protection, but be warned that eating the flower is poisoning for humans and animals.

A Delphinium bouquet has a dazzling and exuberant effect when they come in different colors and heights. You can also easily mix them in a field bouquet as they go really well with peony, veronica, eucalyptus, hydrangea, gladiolus, lisianthus, viburnum, syringa, garden roses, spray roses, brunia, campanula and lillies.

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