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Floral classes used to be for the blue-haired ladies, right? Not anymore. It has become hugely popular amoungst a younger generation that wants to express themselves in a creative way. “Flower arranging is so colourful and immediate and that reflects how we’re seeing life these days". Flower jamming, crown making or modern styled field bouquets are great activities for corporate events, hen or birthday party or just if you want to learn something new.

Upcoming workshops and floral events

Thursday June 10: Learn how to design and create your own field bouquet

A great activity by Tipico and Sprouts & Sparkles florist.

Learn about flower care and how to choose the best blooms and colours for a wildly but balanced field bouquet. Go through the steps of putting a sparkling flower arrangement together, then take it home.

Everyone will be provided with a selection of fresh cut flowers and foliage from Holland to choose from! We also provide yummy Italian delicatesses and free flow prosecco to make this a real fun experience!

When: Thursday June 10


Starting at 6.30pm till 8.30pm

All in price: $850 (early bird promotion $750)


Please send us an email ( or WhatsApp message (63163930). The early bird promotion applies when you register before June 1.

Saturday June 26: Learn how to make beautiful Flower Crowns

You have come to the right place! A great activity by Tipico Italian and Sprouts & Sparkles florist for adults and kids (above 6y).

On the day of our crafty gathering everyone will be provided with a selection of fresh cut flowers from Holland and some foliage and ribbons to choose from! We also provide yummy Italian delicatesses and free flow prosecco (or lemonade) to make this a real fun afternoon!

You’ll be shown some methods for putting together a beautiful flower crown and we give you care tips and background on the flowers that we use for the crown making.

When: Saturday June 26

Starting at 2.30pm till 4pm

Adult price: $550

Kids price: $275


Please send us an email ( or WhatsApp message (63163930) for more details and to register.


The history of flower crowns goes back to ancient times, in Ancient Greece it was often worn to celebrations and as an honor to the gods. In the more recent past flower crown were associated with the hippie culture of the 1960s. This in turn influenced mainstream fashion, bringing flower crowns back into style for weddings today.

Flower crowns are ever-popular today for weddings and festivals. Brides love the fact they symbolise love and fertility – coming full circle with the wearing of a May crown and celebration of new life in the spring.

Not only are flower crowns an integral part of all the best weddings – check out Princess Charlotte’s waxflower and gypsophila flower crown at Pippa Middleton’s wedding on 20 May – but they’re also a fun project to make as part of your hen party celebrations.


Once you’ve formed a wire base for your flower crown decorating it is all a matter of taste. You can keep it streamlined and simple, or pack it with flowers for a more Boho look.

There are two vital ingredients for your tool box – floristry wires and stem tape. You can buy them both from Amazon or at the flower market. I recommend a 0.71mm wire for your base and finer wires if you decide to wire your individual flowers (0.56mm/silver rose wires) and tape to bind everything in place.

Looking for more guidance?

Please join our flower crown making workshop on Saturday June 26 or contact us for help.

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