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Care with love and you will extend the life of your flowers

In general the following tips will do the trick: - re-trim the stems

- get rid of wilted flowers

- change the water

- add flower nutrients or a little sugar

- use a vase that fits your bouquet.

Tips to enjoy them even longer

When most of your bouquet has bloomed or some stems are broken you can enjoy the last flowers longer by:

- trimming the stems and put them in a small vase with a little fresh water

- trimming the stems and use them as table decoration during a fancy dinner

- hang them to dry up side down on a rope

- dry them in the oven to use for pot pourri or as dried flower arrangements

Care tips for specific flowers

Let all your peonies bloom 

Sometimes the sticky resin on the flower buds makes it difficult for peonies to bloom. With a simple trick you can remove the resin. Just put the peony under the tap with running lukewarm water. Make sure that the water doesn’t come between all the petals by keeping the bud facing down.

Let ranunculus bloom longer

The ranunculus’ textured crepe-like petals are extremely delicate, and their blooms require a bit more attention. Every two days, you’ll want to re-trim the stems, change the water, and add more flower nutrients or a little sugar to keep those pretty little flowers for more than a week.

Enjoy your flowers and I’m always happy to surprise you again with a sparkling bouquet

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