Flower up your Halloween and Thanksgiving party

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A pumpkin vase is a great addition to your doorstep decoration or to your fall inspired tablescape. Its color options and versatility make it a great decor option for Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving and this project is so easy it’s one even the kids can enjoy. So let’s get started.

1. Select Your Pumpkin

Of course it starts by choosing the perfect pumpkin to make your vase. Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes and colors! Consider a creamy white pumpkin for a more sophisticated tablescape, or a traditional deep orange pumpkin for Halloween or the thanksgiving dinner table.

2. Select your flowers

For an autumnal bouquet we advise to use deep reds and oranges, but this is completely up to you. To enjoy your pumpkin arrangement longer you better pick strong flowers like carnations, celiosa, salix, leucospermum and banksia. You can also use flowers from the Happy Halloween bouquet🎃!

3. Prepare your pumpkin

Cut across the top of the pumpkin in a straight of a line as possible, remove the lid of the pumpkin. You can save this as some people like to use it in their decorations as well. Once the top is removed clean out the contents of the pumpkin, making sure all seeds and any wet pieces have been removed.

4. Flower up your pumpkin

Place a small jar, or glass inside the pumpkin, depending on the height of your chosen pumpkin you may be able to fit a vase inside, if not a glass or mason jar will work perfectly! Fill the jar about half way with water and add flower food. Carefully place the jar inside the pumpkin. Then cut and arrange your flowers inside the jar, you can add extra greenery or leaves to make the bouquet look fuller if necessary, this is where you get to use your creativity and make the arrangement your own.

5. Endulge yourself with prosecco, cheese, charcuterie and FLOWERS!

Fancy some more guidance by our own Sprouts & Sparkles florist? Come to the Thanksgiving flower workshop at Bubbles & Wines in Stanley and learn how to arrange your own pumpkin floral design. Book now by sending a message to 5721 6161 or visit https://www.facebook.com/Bubblesandwinesstanley for more details

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