How to keep your flowers sparkling fresh

And finally the sun came out again. But hot days can take their toll on everyone. The heat often leaves us feeling lazy and tired. Just imagine how your fresh cut flowers must feel. 🥀 

Hereby some care tips to keep your flowers longer during summertime. 

1. Always use a clean vase and fresh water. You can add one drip of bleach 

to avoid the growth of bacteria in the water 

2. Trim the stems diagonally with a clean knife/secateurs to make the flowers absorb the water better 

3. Add the flower feeding to the water

4. Do not place your flowers ne

ar a window or place that the sun directly shines on. Sunlight will heat up the water even more and encourage the growth of bacteria in the water

5. Renew the water after 2-3 days and cut off the end of the stalks again. You can add a little sugar to the water to perk up the flowers.

Be inspired by the revival of these sunflowers:

Enjoy the sun and your flowers

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