Meaningful flowers for Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year

Updated: Jan 29

Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year are the two biggest floral events of the year, and in 2020 they’re going to be in the same weekend!

You can consider to put together a bouquet yourself rather than buying a ready made bunch. Creating and styling your own bouquet is much more personal, but you may need some guidance and tips to succeed.

Sprouts & Sparkles is happy to present you a special Valentine collection of popular cut flowers that can be purchased in small amounts and used for your DIY bouquet. Below you can find some inspiration and handy tips.

1. Think outside the box

Red and orange are the traditional hues for Lunar New Year whereas pink and red are most popular for Valentine's Day. For those who want something different Sprouts & Sparkles florist suggests using colours that reflect your loved one’s personality. To give you an idea of the colors and their meaning;

- Yellow is the most extroverted color of all. It’s the color of cheerfulness, creativity, youth and a sunny disposition.

- Red is the color of passion, energy, strenght, love and conflict.

- Green reflects nature, kindness, contemplation, empathy and peacefulness.

- The meaning of blue depends on the shade. On one hand, a lighter blue can imbue a feeling of inner calm and peace. Dark blue stands for strong thinking, dignity and trust.

- Purple embodies the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calm. It shows creativity, royalty, sensuality and spirituality.

- Pink is the color of love, empathy and positive attitude.

- White represents neutrality, transparancy, openess and affection.