Meet our tropical and sustainable Christmas tree

Looking for a sustainable alternative for the traditional Christmas tree?

We're happy to introduce our tropical pine tree to you. The so called Norfolk Island Pine has the appearance of your good old friend, but this evergreen buddy can stay with you all year round. Give it a second life after the holidays as houseplant or put it outside on your balcony or garden. This tree is a sun lover and can even survive the Hong Kong summers.

Where did the common name “Norfolk Island Pine” Come from? The tree’s native habitat is Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, between Australia and New Zealand.There are about 15 species, but only Araucaria heterophylla is grown for indoor use.The Araucaria was discovered in 1774 on Norfolk Island. Its Latin name comes from the providence in Chile – Arauco. Norfolk island pines are one of the few conifers that will tolerate lower light conditions and that's what makes them perfect as indoor plant. In nature the Araucaria can grow up to 40 metres tall. No worries, tough, in a pot the plant remains much smaller and grows up to 1,5 metres maximum.

What does our alternative Christmas tree look like?

Norfolk pines are generally planted as multiples of 3 plants per pot which makes for a fuller and wider plant, but a single straight plant with symmetrical growth is very attractive.

Our Norfolk Island pine comes in our ‘matte black or white’ pot, which elevates its unique look. And turns your Christmas tree in a more modern styled one. You (or we) can easily decorate the Norfolk pine houseplants with red ribbons, foil and even with LED lights and ornaments.

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Care tips

1. Do not let the Araucaria plant sit in water. It’s best to keep the soil on the dry side, but when you water… water thoroughly and make sure the excess water drains off. Overwatering can cause root rot and everything is downhill from there on. Provide the Norfolk island pine tree with a well-drained soil. 2. It's recommend not to repotting the Norfolk. The root system can be damaged in the repotting process, extra moisture will be held in the soil, and the plant may be planted too deep. Repotting all leads to root problems. Avoid messing with the root system. 3. Give the plant as much bright light as possible. The Araucaria is a real sun lover. It can turn a bit pale when the plant lacks daylight.

Go green this Christmas

You now have the choice to make a difference by choosing for our tropical and sustainable alternative for the traditional tree. We shall plant a tree via EcoMatcher to reduce the carbon footage of this tree and you can keep it for next Christmas as it continues to live outdoors in the Hong Kong climate or indoors as houseplant.

Convinced? Order before 1 December to get 10% off

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