Sparkling flowers are like fireworks

As the community fireworks are cancelled we're looking for alternatives to get the festive feeling that comes with fireworks. We've found the perfect solution in nature’s version. Sparkling flowers are just like fireworks. Bursting with flowers and the colors are just as spectacular, but it’s a lot quieter, safer and longer lasting. We've selected some flowers that look a lot like fireworks.

Alliums – Due to the unique way that they grow, when the flowers emerge they look like fireworks exploding in the night sky. They come in a variety of colors such as blue, red, white, purple and yellow.

Aster Flowers – Asters look spectacular when open. The very name comes from the Greek meaning “star.” You can find a whole palette of colors in this family of flowers and when they bloom it will make you think of summer and fireworks.

Fireworks flower - This flower is really like fireworks, that's why it's named after it. The striking red color attracts me. Look closer and at maximum size, you will see nice tiny details of the petal tips.

Peonies– Of course peonies have to be in here. Once they open it looks just like those spectacular fireworks that you see on display at night during New Years Eve. They also smell good and are the traditional flower for romance.

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