These are the flower trends for 2021

A fresh start of a new year means new opportunities to bloom at your best. For Sprouts & Sparkles florist are exciting things ahead; as we will represent the Netherlands during the Hong Kong Flower show 2021 and we are working on expansion of our business with multiple pick-up points. Stay tuned!

In the floral industry is also a lot exciting stuff going on. Online flower delivery service, Bloom, has unveiled the five flower trends tipped to be the most popular in 2021 — and sustainable bunches, subscription flowers and pastel hues are top of the list.

These are the five most important trends for 2021

1. Flowers to boost your moods

'Receiving or giving flowers and making your home beautiful will continue to be important next year,' says Larry Walshe, celebrity London florist and founder of Bloom. 'Following the lockdowns, we have all learned that flowers are not just a luxury, but rather a necessity that bring joy, pleasure and a boost to wellbeing'. Sprouts & Sparkles recognises this trend. We can all use some cheer to boost the moods in these challenging COVID time and it's heartwarming to see that even relatives from back home have discovered Sprouts & Sparkles florist to send their thoughts to their family in Hong Kong. It's not only thoughtful but it does really something for you wellbeing. Research has showed that the use of plants and flowers in the home is beneficial for both our physical and mental health, thanks to the air-purifying qualities of blooms and their ability to help reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Flower subscriptions

Convenient ways to send a longer-lasting floral gift, flower subscriptions were at an all-time high in 2020, as many of us surprised distant loved ones with beautiful blooms. Unsurprisingly, they're not going anywhere in 2021, with their demand predicted to double.

Did you know that Sprouts & Sparkles florist offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions for our seasonal mono flowers or mixed field bouquets? Discover our flower membership and get 1 month for free when you subscribe before the end of January.

3. Pastel hues

For 2021, expect bursts of soft pinks, sage greens and creamy whites. As well as beautiful flowers, plants and greenery are tipped to remain ever-important, too, particularly those with 'air-purifying qualities' and the 'capacity to add life to shaded or dark areas'.

Sprouts & Sparkles florist will adapt the pastel colour trend with at least one pastel field bouquet a month. This time we have this Winter Wonderland Bouquet on offer with soft toned colours and sparkling big blooms.

4. Sustainability and concious buying

Sustainability in the home has picked up momentum in recent years, with many of us setting out ways to shrink our carbon footprint.

Larry explains that more of us will be more sustainable with our flower and plant purchases, too. 'Consumers will increasingly be actively looking for brands that offer sustainable flower options to help them make more environmentally conscious buying decisions. Many independent businesses create beautiful florals without cellophane and plastic wrappers to lessen their environmental impact.'

Sprouts & Sparkles florist supports this trend by using paper wraps and over 80% of our flowers are purchased from eco-certified growers. It's a concious decission to import the flowers from Holland as Dutch flowers have an outstanding quality and they will last longer which is important to build durable relations with our happy customers. As a New Year resolution Sprouts & Sparkles florist will plant a tree with EcoMatcher for each bouquet sold.

5. Personalisation

It seems the flower trends for 2021 are going beyond just their appearance – this year will be about curated, bespoke and personalised gifting. With much of 2020 spent separated from loved ones, gifting something meaningful became a priority for many.

From picking the stems, to choosing colours and fragrance, creating a bouquet that no one else has carries great meaning and depth. '2021 is all about being unique. By creating a floral prescription that is personal to both you and the one you love, it can never go out of style,' says Larry.

Sprouts & Sparkles florist is always open to create unique and personalised designs. We are happy to add a handwritten note for the recipient. Please feel free to contact us with your preferences and special enquiries.

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