Welcome flowers into your home

Tips to boost your wellbeing and your interior

Stop looking for face masks and sanitizer gels, we’ve got the perfect medicine to boost both of your wellbeing and your interior! As we have to stay home more often nowadays, we welcome flowers into our homes with open arms.

Obviously you can treat yourself on a bunch of fresh cut flowers in a vase, but there are many more ways to surround yourself with flowers. From creative wall art to dried bouquet arrangements, a more flower-filled life can uplift your moods more than you think.

Floral designs all over

Wallpaper, tableware, curtains, rugs, paintings or pillow cases. Fill your home with floral designs and there will be an endless spring feeling and happiness to experience. Too much of a thing doesn’t apply when it comes to flowers.

Colour your home and your moods

It’s widely known how colour can affect your mood and how the are used in colour therapy for their specific healing powers. Green, for example calms the nervous system and yellow stimulates creativity. Flowers can be a big part of the way to create atmospheric spaces.

Think outside the vase To feel the uplifting benefits of flowers you can make inspiring displays around your home with fresh or dried flowers. Rearrange your flowers by cutting them short and put them in small vases. You can decorate the table or your plates when you've cooked a fancy dinner. Or you can reuse them by hanging them to dry or make scented potpourri and candles.

Create a green oasis Experience the healing and calming vibes of an urban oasis. By spreading flowers and houseplants around the whole house you create a cheerful and cosy space that feels like a sanctuary. From bathroom to kitchen, from balcony to bedroom.

Allow flowers to be part of your home decoration; the limits are endless! Flowers are a small luxury that gives a lot of pleasure, all year round. Treat yourself and order from our webshop.

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