Flower of the month: Lilies

Flower of the month: Lilies

Delightfully fragrant and ravishing, with it's trumpet-shaped blossoms the Lily has every quality to seduce you. This bouquet of 5 stems may contain upto 9 flowers per stem.  You can choose for pickup in Sheung Wan or home delivery (starts from $100).Both will take place on the following dates:- 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 July
  • Pickup

    Pickup can be done on Friday .. August at Knead on 28 Jervois street in Sheung Wan. The flowers will be ready for you after 1.30 PM and there's no extra charge for pickup.


  • Delivery (starts from HK$100)

    Sunflower delivery will take place on Friday ..August.

    Afternoon time slot (noon - 4 pm)

    Evening time slot (6 pm - 10 pm)

    The delivery fee starts from HK$100*

    *no delivery on the outlying islands 

  • Care tips

    Sunflowers are strong flowers that can last for at least one week. Don't worry if they look a little leap while unpacking. They just need some H2o to perk up.

    • Fill a clean vase with hand warm water.
    • Add flower food and a teaspoon of sugar to the vase.
    • Use sharp scissors or a small kitchen knife to trim 2 centimeters off from the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle.
    • Remove all excess foliage that would rest below the vase’s waterline, as the leaves can introduce potentially harmful bacteria to the water.
    • Drop the flowers in and arrange how you see fit—just make sure they have adequate support and room to bloom.
    • Cut flowers aren’t a big fan of direct sunlight or hot or cold drafts. So find them a nice, cool space. 
    • Every two days, you’ll want to re-trim the stems, change the water, and add more flower nutrients or a little sugar to keep those pretty little flowers for more than a week.

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